Bought song gets flagged in YouTube every time

I’m extremely frustrated. I bought a song to be used in our YouTube intro. I spent about 4 months on this intro and now I find out that I have to dispute a YouTube copyright claim** every time** I post a new video. We post weekly, so this means filing the dispute every time and waiting for YouTube to pull the claim out. Is there nothing we can do to automate this process? Very unsatisfied.

The song was bought from audiojungle and is managed by AdRev.

Hi @nicothulin, sorry to hear about that experience. There’s some fabulous info in our Help Center that can assist with this issue. Here’s the link and hope it helps. :thumbsup:

I have requested AdRev to whitelist our channel. They talked earlier about specific songs to only be whitelisted automatically. How does that make any sense?

@nicothulin Did you contact the author? I think only the author can whitelist channels. Also, to whitelist a channel there must not be any other copyright notifications on any of the videos

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I did indeed contact the author and they whitelisted the channel.

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