Bought Script pre sale questions lied. Author refuses refund?

Hi guys I bought a script pre sale questions told me script has super admin panel after install on my site I asked where is super admin panel. Turns out script does not have this so author lied to me. I requested refund author refused I have escalated this with envato as I disagree with authors refusal. But I’m slightly concerned the envato might agree with author refusal of refund because when I estimated this with envato there is no option to add files so I can prove author has lied to me presale. There are also other bugs with script which authors respond was.

" It works for me so let’s wait for update"

I installed updated version as it was updated on
23 December

Author has not asked to provide info or even link to my site so he could recreate problem. All servers are different just because it works on his demo site. It does not mean it works on every other site?

So my question is this if envato refuses to give me refund based on lie by author and no support by author can I escalate this to someone else with proofs or do I have to live with it?

I bough similar script from someone else clearly I don’t need 2 of this in my collection.

Can anyone advice please ?

Thank you

Same item as here?

The script comes with minimum requirements as well as the configurations. If your server is not configured well, the item may not work properly but it’s your responsibility to manage the settings - Author is not entitled to provide any installation service for it

When did you purchase the item you’re requesting for the refund?

Item was purchased about 2 days go and 24 hours later after been lied to regarding admin panel which clearly does not have I asked for refund seller refused.

Pre sale question I asked about specific sections in admin panel seller told me this settings are in super admin but this script does not have super admin. Which is not good to me and not sure why author refused. I even wanted to purchase more scripts from him. Which now I will not be doing.

Hope you have mentioned the refund request reason in your refund request. You have escalated the refund with Envato after the author’s declined. So, I think you have provided all the info/proof/details there before placing the dispute. Envato will investigate all provided info and the conversions between you and the author then they will take decisions as required/necessary.