Bought Kodo theme for shopify, doesn't work


We bought this theme for shopify:

We thought we could use this in shopify and now get the following answer from the envato support.

It literally say’s in the url shopify theme, or are we really that stupid?

We try to the use the theme in Shopify every Image cropped and we can’t select any of the theme’s they advertise with for the for instance the home page.

Any of you guys got an idea what’s our best move now?

Like to hear from you,


Did you buy this version or this version ?

Supports message suggests that you bought the second one which is a WP theme not Shopify.

You can check your downloads folder and double check the title?


Thanks for your quick response,

This is what we bought:

Odd that does look right. Try the author for support and they will know best how to get it working