Bought item not available to download



I’ve bought a template from themeforest:
and 12 months support using my credit card. The transaction was OK and money was correctly taken from my bank.
The problem is that the item is not available to download, it just doesn’t appear in my download items.
I didn’t use money as credit, my credit says $0.00.
I created a support request and now in my help board they set my help ticket as SOLVED. But there’s not any item to be downloaded!
"You have not bought anything yet."
Neither any email! Is it a joke?
What can I do?
Please help.


Are you sure you’re logged in to the right account? In 100% of cases I’ve personally seen, when a customer can’t find the purchase on their Downloads page, it’s because they purchased the item through a different account than the one they’re logged in to.


Hi there

Any item can be removed from the marketplace at any time. For this reason you will see this notice on your downloads area -

If the item is buggy and no longer works, you could try and contact support to see if your eligible for a refund however it important to understand, your not entitled to a refund just because an item is no longer for sale here.

Thanks, Danny


The Help Team will be checking into it and they’ll be happy to help you out. Thanks! :smile:


Hello this is Patrisha from Envato Help. I just replied to your ticket on this and am awaiting your reply :slight_smile:


Hello Patrisha.
I cannot reply from Envato Help, a reply button is not visible to my browser.
I understand finally.
I’ve found now that credit card billing says now they have used 1$ only and then gave it back!
I don’t understand why, I have used cc and not Paypal and transaction was ok.
I’ll try again.
Many thanks and apologize for misunderstanding.


Oh … thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: I will close out the ticket. Good luck trying again!