Bought Graphic River business card (black) Where to get printed?

I bought the Licence for these. But cannot find a place here in Manhattan or on the web to get these printed (color texture ect) where are these printed at, where were they printed at. The author / designer is ignoring me, so I am left in the dark here. Please help!!!

hi, indeed, basically normally u can have it printed anywhere … i just recommend local printing however because that will be less costly about transportation / shipping delivery fees … especially for a business card indeed …

there are no special issues about this template this is normal standard , CMYK colors and basically u can have printed anywhere … the thing for you is just to determine the cost , that’s all …

No they can’t be printed anywhere.

I’ve contacted Vista Print, MOO, Plasma design and others.

They all write back and tell me this.

Hi William,

Thanks for getting in touch. While we’d be able to transfer many of the design elements over to our satin plastic cards, I am afraid we couldn’t provide an exact match on paper, plastic or metal. The texture in particular is problematic and I confess to being unfamiliar with the production process that’d need to be used to reproduce it in real life.

My apologies for the negative response.

Kind regards,


So if anyone that has bought one of these cards or knows where they are printed can tell me, I’d greatly appreciate it. Money is no concern, I’d pay 2-3 dollars a card lol, I just want them printed someplace.

That is a unique design. It depends on a couple of things.

It looks like the issue you are having is that all the places you contacted see the bottom of the design as an actual material rather than a design

Does it need to be a physical texture or can it just be a printed design of the ‘holed’ effect?

  1. If you want ti to be ‘physical texture’ then you will need to look into plastic card manufacturers and see of any of them can do it (it will not be cheap unless you are planning on printing a lot of cards)

  2. Make it clear to someone like the people you have contacted that it is not a texture and just a flat, printed background using that look/design. This way they should be able to do it.

the mock ups in the file you have clearly look like plastic/credit card style cards not paper/regular card ones so it may come out looking quite different if printed.

Are those cards plastic, thought on the design they said matte / or paper.

Don’t see it mention if it is paper format in the item page

To me they look like plastic/credit card but it is just a design so it can be whichever you want but clearly base don the responses you are getting from people they view it as plastic and a physical texture like I do which is why they are saying that they cannot print it.

hi , as for me i have trouble to identify what’s the problem with this item, for me , as Charlie mentioned that’s just a design and there’s no particular prating technique or material required and i can’t figure out what’s the problems of the websites u mentioned … now i may have misunderstood something, we never know …

Because of how the demo appears I think those sites you contacted see these as a plastic textured card which is probably something they may not do to custom styling eg half solid and then part with unique texture.

If you explain it is just a design background (and are happy for that to be the case) they surely can print static images

I specialize in printing and design. That is a really nice design. Good choice.

You can print this using a SPOT UV coating on silk laminate for the matte section.

I don’t know anyone that can get this done on plastic. And if they can it will be too expensive.

This will be perfect on Silk laminated stock with spot uv and rounded corners.

the little dots on the bottom of the cards will be where you will do the Spot UV

You can check out this website. They will be able to do it for you if you haven’t already done it.


You can contact The Color. It is a Chinese print company. The quality is good and the price is favorable.