Bought font with „tool license“ allowed to use on website?

I bought the „Rosedita“ font for a Logo I made and it turned out very nice.
Now i would like to use the Font itself for the menu of the website the logo is for, but I am a bit unsure if the „tool license“ allows using the font as a webfont, since in some way the font would be „given away“ since it has to be stored on the server. There is nothing for that specific in the FAQs.
Could someone please confirm if i am allowed to use the font on a website and if so, if am allowed to transform the .ttf to other webformats like .svg .woff .woff2 and .eot?
Thank you very much!
If it is not possible i would have to create small icons which would be a bit cumbersome. The website is very small for a local dog breeding and training, if this plays a role.

Thank you again! Alex