Bought buggy theme - developer deleting and ignoring support ticket


I’m very new here and after some advice.

I bought a theme for a client that came with six months’ support. I have found their support to be pretty slow, which I can accept, and a little frustrating when they don’t read my comments and I have to keep repeating myself. Again, I can tolerate this.

However, they have now deleted the ticket with all the information on! I have the ticket number, which I’ve sent them as they are claiming they never saw a ticket. The bug is that the menu button does not work on mobile - a pretty big bug in my eyes!

I feel I have been incredibly patient with them but after ignoring me for months and now deleting my ticket I feel they have gone too far. This has been going on for months now and they’re damaging myreputation with my client.

What can I do? If they offer a refund, I don’t particularly want to change the theme as I have worked so hard and long on the website and I don’t even know if the client would want it changed, but at the same time, if I can’t get the menu button fixed then the site is useless!

I just feel so frustrated and powerless - like I’ve been robbed. Can anyone advise me on my rights or give me any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.