Bought a system and I am Not Surported

[this is the system I paid for]

Guys an in a desperate situation, I bought the system of laundry from this site. but I can’t seem to get any help, it’s a laundry system but everything within the folders is for a hospital, so the scripts are not working, tried contacting and I can’t get any reply. given it to my programming friends and they say they have tried to help me but they can’t continue any more, there are lots and lots of mistakes in the system… so they cant continue. because the system is laundry and the scripts are for a hospital… guys can anyone help me please please please

Click on support above the main image and ask the author - they are best placed to help

I did contact support
supports this item
This author’s response time can be up to 1 business day .

fact I did, that contact in support replied to my mail and gave me other contacts to help me, I did write to them like three-times soffer and they haven’t tried replying me, its a month now and I don’t know what to do and what I did lastly before coming to the forum i wrote another email to the support and coped in the other contact he/she gave me but still in vain. !
but thanks for the reply…