Bought a Moodle Theme instead of Wordpress

By mistake, I bought the Edumy Moodle theme, Whereas I wanted to by the Edumy Wordpress theme. Could please arrange to give me access to the Edumy Wordpress theme.



moule theme and wordpress theme are not from the same author. so, there is no possibility to get wordpress theme by changing (refund) moule theme. but you can contact moule theme author and let them know if they can help you:

If you didn’t download the moule theme then you can get a refund for the moule theme.


I downloaded it… Then only I realized.

already downloaded item refund will not accepted by author but you can get in touch with moule theme author, if they can help. link provided above reply.

They provided me with the refund link… Looks like it will workout

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Author has refunded the money. How to get refund from envato now?

if author approved the refund request then envato support team will process the refund within 3-5 working days and will send back money to you.


I have a worry that act like this can allow people access to scripts in the name of wrong buying and later finding such author’s work on sites.