Bottons for wp website

Hi there,

Im looking to change the appearance of the bottons of my website, I have the wordpress theme TDP - Theme Installer Auto Dealer.

If someone can give me advice of how to change them will be great.

Thank you

You must hire someone that make the customization for you

Why I cant do it my self?

But you asking someone help you…so you’re not able to do yourself :slight_smile:

Im looking for indications, you should find another job if you are not busy, just replying stupid things to everyone around.

You need some basic CSS skills for that.
This article covers some basic concepts, such as changing font sizes, adding borders, changing text color or background color.

If you need more advanced styling, you would probably need to hire someone to do this for you (check out experts at Envato Studio), or dive deeper into CSS :wink: