BORDER ON IMAGE - Please help me remove it!

Hi. I am trying to remove the border that is surrounding all images on visual composer and themeforest, automotive theme. It does not appear in the demo, but all images that I upload have a black border… Please help. Thank you in advance!

You should provide a link, it can be image border or any other css code that comes from theme or plugins and is doing so.

Thank you
main image of car with the bow.

It looks like the grey border is on the single image style. How do I remove it?

I see you have a child theme, just copy the css file from the original theme in the child theme (keep the same path) and remove that line of code that adds the border to image “.page-content img, .entry-content img”.

Or you can remove by using custom css, either in the image element that you added or from theme options there should be where you can insert custom css and disable the image border.

Thank you so so much!!!