Bootstrap Admin Theme incl User-management and adding rights to "apps"

Hello all,

We are creating internal web-apps to provide our users an easier way to work (ditching hunderds of excel-files…).

We have chosen to work through a Bootstrap Admin template so makelijk is to keep the look and feel across all applications the same.
Making the various apps (PHP files) succeed, however, create a user management system in order to give rights to users, we did not succeed.

I’m looking for someone who can integrate such a system, or an admin template where this is already intertwined.

The aim is to create groups (and subgroups), containing the users.
Rights must at the level of Group Subgroup, User can be given.
Another possibility is using Active Directory (LDAP).

We do not work does not reach with Laravel or such as our knowledge so far (yet).

Webserver is up-and-running, MSSQL and MySQL is up-and-running.

PS: Our template has the “Material Design”-Look.
PS2: Good knowledge of datatables is a plus (we do not succeed in adding the buttons to export the tables to XLS/PDF)

Hi Jochen

This sounds ‘right up my street’ Bootstrap Admin, user management and ‘co-sharing/syncing’ files etc across a team? Actually have a ‘base’ admin panel that have developed that allows that and more - it’s a full ‘desk’ situation, including email access to Goole Drive, file share, chat and private messaging etc. The system needs a bit of ‘polish’ but hsa been tested ‘inhouse’ though not yet publicaly released.

If interested then could/would gladly assist your ‘quest’. You can contact me here via my profile and or PM me