Bootstrap 5 HTML template is acceptable or not?

Bootstrap 5 site template is acceptable or not?

because Bootstrap 5 is now in the alpha version. I checked ThemeForest market one site template provides Bootstrap 5 templates.

Thank you

here is the link. I want to upload hole theme scratch built with bootstrap 5

I think you can upload bootstrap 5 site template and it will be accepted. as it is Bootstrap 5 alpha! Currently v5.0.0-alpha1 (16 Jun 2020) so authors and customers are waiting to get full stable version to release. better to go with current stable version 4.50 and you can upgrade when v5 stable version will release. actually there is no limitation to use bootstrap version. you have to make your item perfect that’s all.


if you check that item you will see in url item slug there is no Bootstrap 5 but in title you will find. So, I think they have just renamed their item title later when they upgrade with Bootstrap v5.0.0-alpha1.

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Thank you for your suggestion