Bootstrap 4. Yes or no?

guys from Bootstrap upgraded their framework a lot.
It looks really great. It uses SASS, flex and a lot of other cool features. If you still didn’t look at it, visit this guide
But its still in Alpha.
So, I want to ask you if you use BS4 on your templates.

I just switched from MaterilizeCSS to BSM4-b4 which is on top of BS4-b4…since its no longer in alpha there will not be any major breaking changes so its quite safe to start using it in production

I am thinking about moving to it also.

Looks great, but I will wait for a stable version :smiley:

Beta version means that its stable, more than alpha :grinning:
I would say, some kind of stable.

And how the @fredgrott said they will not make any major changes, so we can say its stable.