Bootstrap 4 Theme Hard Reject - Why?

Hello fellow authors & moderators,

We have received incredible feedback from other developers and even from the official Bootstrap Team for this product, but it seems like Themeforest considers it to be below this store’s quality?

Honestly I find it very hard to believe that this item was rejected because it would be “Below the quality standard”.

Here’s the demo:

Themesberg team

Just got a reject too. Reviewers seem to be in a bad mood today.
Maybe you can help me here: Not Expected Hard Reject

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We already have products listed on Envato and honestly we don’t even consider Themeforest to be our primary store to get listed on anymore, it has become a bit outdated. We understand that maybe some parts of the template might have issues (although we don’t know which) it’s just very odd that it gets rejected like this as a whole.

Also I believe that these automated messages really are such a disadvantage to the Envato ecosystem as a whole. I mean if they make a review anyways, why not write down a couple of feedback points? It’s just so frustrating working out things over here compared to all the other stores.

Perhaps we made a mistake by adding it to the wrong category, although I remember adding it to “Environmental Non Profit”.

I don’t think it’s because of the bad mood since it would be extremely unprofessional of them, so I would exclude that possibility.



Probably the problem was that we still had a few W3C invalid pages. We fixed them and resubmitted the item and it was approved!

Although I still disagree with the hard reject automated message, especially in these cases. I think providing a custom message is beneficial both for the Envato ecosystem & the authors.