Booknetic SAAS plugin feedback

I am looking at purchasing this plugin which is slightly on the expensive side around 500usd but before I take the plunge I wanted to know if other people who have experience in using this plugin? I have read some reviews who have said it has a lot of bugs but then I see the posts have been removed which I know why they do that.! Not great transparency.

Also I wanted to create a directory so all registered vendors can be filtered by location and category even though this plugin currently does not do that but each vendor has its own profile page and registers category and location. So maybe I need a special shortcode which I can bring to main page.

Your advice will be helpful and feedback on the plugin and vendor. Thank you

friend i’m in the same situation
I am looking for a system for reselling scheduling services
the price is really expensive

however it seems to me that the current price is 79 $ for the SaaS system. does this proceed?

I did purchase the plugin and it is around 500usd and to be honest with you it has bugs and I still have not managed to add it on a live site as there is always some issue with the plugin. So be careful before purchasing.

The 79usd is for just 1 business offering services not the SAAS version.