booking calendar specific for one day

hi there, i purchsaed bookly pro and special days add-on as a new calendar plugin for my business. however i cannot customise it enough to get it to perfomr as i need. please help and sugegst how i can get this plugin to work, or what plugin will do as i require.

This calendar lets you select a date, service, time and employee for a specific date.

what i need to do is to be able to select a company, select only one date, and then a suitable time within that day, whereby all other dates are not available. So employees working at that company can select that company, the date the company is running the program, and then an available time on that day and date ONLY. How do i block out dates that aren’t relevant to the booking date? i hope this makes sense and look forward to you geniuses showing me how its done. thanks in advance.

then be able to have multiple different booking days for different companies spefici for their booking dates and times. for example: H&M offering 15 minute staff massages to their friday 29 October between 10am-2pm. So calendar backend needs to be set up with 16 x 15 minute sessions for H&M on friday 28 October. link sent to H&M employees to book sessions. first in, gets a treatment

You can contact the item author as a start for the guide if it’s possible to manage without any additional coding but you may need to hire a developer to get some ‘work’ done regarding to your needs. You probably won’t be able to find ‘out-of-box’ solutions for all your needs.

In case of need for paid support, you can drop me an email and we can discuss the details