Booked - Appointment Booking for WordPress is not available

HI, I bought Booked plugin for my client and today I received this plugin is not available and I have to use alternative plugin like QuickCal plugin. I recently renew my support and I have support till December 19, 2023 . Could you please let me know, how can I get my money back to purchase the other plugin!!!


Hi Tanya!

We are the authors of QuickCal. Did you recently renew your support with Booked? If you don’t get any response from Envato, please consider yourself covered with QuickCal for support at no extra cost for the duration of your renewal. What I mean by that is if you’ve purchased QuickCal, we will honour your extended support pack with Booked even though that author is no longer supporting the plugin. Just let us know what you need. :slight_smile:

I need the latest update of the plugin as well. Can you please provide me with the latest update? The current version I have says there is a security issue: WordPress Booked plugin < 2.4.4 - Unauth. Appointment Data Exposure vulnerability

I downloaded my copy off of Envato Elements and now it seems to have disappeared and won’t let me update.

Many Thanks. I have support till December, If anything happens I’ll let you know.

Unfortunately Elements downloads do not guarantee updates and I am not sure that envato’s/@Themovation move to support people using the plugin applies to people who have not purchased the full copy

Hello @alps82 !

So you originally purchased on Elements?

We have released a one-off update to address the vulnerabilities. The patched version number is 2.4.4 and you should have received an email from Envato with a link to download. I believe Envato is making this patch available for 28 days (released on September 20th). I can ask if we have permission to post a link here but you should see it in an email directly to you from Envato.

Please note: this is not intended as a long term solution , and there will be no further updates for " Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress plugin" or support provided for installing or using this temporary version.

Alternatively, QuickCal is a new equivalent plugin that will receive ongoing support, maintenance and improvements, and is available for purchase on CodeCanyon.

In order to secure your website from these identified vulnerabilities, we recommend you stop using the Booked plugin immediately.

You need to find a permanent replacement for this plugin, such as QuickCal or another solution. In the meantime, you can temporarily use the patched version linked in the original email. Importantly, this must be installed manually —do not attempt to update Booked via the WordPress back end or the Envato Market plugin. We recommend making a back up of your site before doing this, and confirming the update was successful by going to the Plugins screen and making sure the version number is 2.4.4.

Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to assist.

Happy to support. Just make sure you are using Booked version 2.4.4 or upgrade to QuickCal for full support and future updates.

Let me know if that’s not clear. Happy to assist.

Thanks @charlie4282 , Booked 2.4.4 does not guarantee future updates for Booked specifically but we will guarantee updates and support for QuickCal . As far as I know Elements users should get the security patch as well. :slight_smile: We wanted to get everyone patched ASAP regardless of how they acquired Booked. Let me know if that helps. I can reach out to Envato for clarification as well.

FYI, many people have been asking if you can upgrade from Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress plugin to QuickCal - Appointment Booking Calendar for WordPress and YES you can. Please read more here:

We bought the “Booked” plugin 2 years ago. We are now looking for an alternative for our photo session booking website.

We need to know if different emails can be sent for each calendar we have (currently we cannot do this from Bokked).

We have seen that the interface is the same, but can it be done with QuikCal?

Thank you so much

Hi. I noticed that from QuickCal DO NOT sending “New Appointment Request” emails to administrator at all. Tried every settings- not help. Also I using WP SMTP. All of other emails like booking cancelled- customers receiving. But problem with admin emails of “New Appointment Request”