bonus earnings and payments

Hey Envato Family, first let me say I am super happy to be part of the platform.I joined Dec 8th and am already seeing that this subscription system is a great way to earn a lil extra cash.

I do however have a few questions about bonus payments.

For now I sell fonts, and have qualified for the bonus starting dec 8th. I also sell graphics, I am wondering if I qualify for a bonus in two categories, (fonts and graphics) does that mean I get two separate bonus payments, or is it that there is there just one bonus payment and various ways to qualify for it?

looking forward to getting to know what’s what Thanks

One bonus payment, various ways to qualify for it. Cheers.

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thanks,@starfall how much can i expect to earn each day from a bonus payment?

Your bonus payment should be somewhere around 4-5 times less then your item earnings for those days that the bonus is applicable for. So if you earn 400usd from your items bonus should be somewhere around 100$. Bonus changes over time so this formula can change and is true for this period in time.