Bogus item I have purchased


I have purchased the following script

After installation found that it contains many bugs & incomplete sections. So far what i have tested……
There is no setting option to change the currency symbol.
Pictures of teachers, students are not being uploading.
Designation drop down menu in teacher registration from is empty without any data.
Attendance section is not working at all.
Entire system is not sending outgoing email messages to students, parent, teachers & users.

Note that above are some of the sections only which I have tested so far & I have stopped further testing because it certainly seems a waste of time. I really wonder how Enavto allowed this item for sale because It’s all a bogus product without the functionalities displayed with it. I already have contacted the developer at [e-mail removed] but no reply ever.

I am really depressed with this experience & Enavto should remove this item & refund me because this script is absolutely useless for me & even for anyone.

Hi @myrajput,

Welcome to the forums! We are sorry to hear about your experience. Every item available on Envato Marketplaces has went through quality check and should work as described. If you are sure that the item does not work as advertised, you can open a refund request:


Thanks Luca for reply. This is the point & I too believe that Envato Marketplaces do their quality check for an item, but its very strange this item is being sold without the full features & functions which are published with it.

My complaint & refund request is declined with following comments:

Since you have downloaded this script so I do not refund. Demo version script and downloaded script is same. Before purchase you do not see the demo version? It may have some bugs. Although I do not provide any support for this item also then if you needed any help I will try.

This is absolutely disgusting. w3developer is totally fraud & he is snatching money via Envato platform. The features they have displayed with the script are not available & some of which available are not working. They must have to refund & Envato should ban them for future. Envato should protect buyer instead of supporting fraud w3developer.

Why dont Envato team spare few moments & compare listed features with its demo? This will bring all facts live.

Hey @myrajput, you can always dispute a refund with Envato, especially if the item is broken you are entitled to a refund and Envato will check your claim out. In the rejection message you received, you have a dispute link. Click that and dispute this rejection with Envato. Cheers!