body_class help?

Hello Guys!

I need some help. Anyone knows why body_class function adds “page-template-widgets” instead of “page-template-templates” my current body class is this

page-template page-template-widgets page-template-content-blog page-template-widgetscontent-blog-php page page-id-70 logged-in

but in my localhost my body_class is this

page-template page-template-templates page-template-content-blog page-template-templatescontent-blog-php page page-id-70 logged-in

is the “page-template-widgets” class came from a plugin? I tried deactivating all my plugins but still there.
or this class is a new one? I tried searching it and I don’t see any results.

Thanks for the help!

These pages use different templates. Looks like one of them contain widgets while second one not.

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Thanks, man. I was just accidentally copied the page templates to my widgets folder. All good now :slight_smile:

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