Blues Rock Jam- Sellable?

Hey Guys,

I recently acquired NI Komplete, and I thought I would use the awesome instruments in Kontakt player and Guitar Rig to put together a good old time blues jam. I’d like to know if you guys think, if polished up, this track could potentially sell on AJ. What do you think?

This was all played live, with very little quantization, and is a very rough mix. I just wanted to put the idea together to show you guys. There are some off notes in the solos as well, I’m not the greatest improviser.


Nice chill! The weakest point in this one may be the bass walk, or bass instrument, but I don’t know.

I like it, but im not sure that audiojungle likes it. I have a track with the name “rock n roll” in my portfolio. Maybe it can help you to see what approved

This is the version I ended up uploading, fingers crossed for approval!