Blogoma Wordpress Theme · Issues, theme not updated and author doesn't reply messages

Hi there,
this is my first topic in the forum, so I expect it to be properly.

We wonder if someone who are using this theme (Blogoma Wordpress Theme) can tell us something about coming updates or better, if author is still supporting this Theme.

Nowadays Wordpress is on its 4.7.X version but Blogoma only is compatible with Wordpress 3.9.X. We have several issues and we can’t upload media files, for example, due to HTTP Errors caused by this Theme.

Thanks in advanced for any information.

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Hello, I am having similar issues the author doesn’t reply or I get a reply 6 months after asked the question. I also asked recently if paying for extra support was a viable solution since I don’t get an answer to this very same question from the author. It was fantastic the first year, now, is useless.
Did you find a solution to your problem?


Contact Envato Support if this is the case!

Hello @innovacionagil

If you are looking for a Professional to fix it for you, we will be interested to work with you. We provide WordPress Bug Fixing services through Envato Studio