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Hello there
Just wondering if someone can help explain the blog post views as it appears in the blog and the differences when you view the blog post stats in the dashboard of the blog please.

For our library blog we use the Zefir theme:
the views for some of the post show on the blog page as 276, and high for others put when I look at the dashboard for the same blog post view its showing views as 30?

Can anyone explain why the numbers are vastly different please.

Suki (KStevens)

Hi @Kstevens67

It looks like the theme you purchased comes with 6 months of free support from the author directly, whom you can contact via their support page below:

Good luck with your site!

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Thanks baileyherbert
Weve had the site longer than 6 months! But I will contact sipport to see what they say.

thank you

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