Blog on my page. What do you think!


Check out my idea to blogging all my latest updatings on my page. My Page


Personally, I like it! Its clean, it keeps the customer/viewer of your page up to date with recent uploads in a very simplistic way. Providing each product with a brief description of the product. I like it a lot to be honest! When I get a portfolio going on here once my uploads (hopefully) get approved I might have to do something similar with my profile. It looks nice!


looks awsome man, i pretty much don’t use my profile page for anything & that should change soon :smile:


I love this fresh idea. Looks very good! :smile:


Thanks guys! I hope this idea will be useful!


No much use in posting blog entries where text is in image form. Maybe I’m missing something, I don’t know.


Probably you are right. Let’s see.