Blog Designer Problems

Howdy All, As a 20 plus year veteran in multimedia and a frequent customer of Envato, I purchased the wordpress plugin Blog Designer last week. The advertising says , ‘’ To save designers time ‘’ I thought it looked good. Upon installing it and getting to work , I found a number of issues almost immediately. Colors,templates inabilty to have post pages etc, so I contacted Solwin customer support. Texting via Skype I spoke with their technical support and for a short time I was very happy with how they were helping. Upon talking to the tech guy I said to him it seemed that the plugin had issues and he agreed with me and they were working on it. They asked for access to wordpress backened and made changes to get things working. When I came home an hour later, my websites pages were all blank and nothing came up online. I tried to contact them, but they did not respond. I deactivated the plugin and everything came back. The next day they put up an updated version of the plugin on Envato and told me to download that. Upon installing it, I got the same result. Blank pages. An hour later they fixed that issue and then I asked about other issues I had. This seemed to be yet another problem the tech guy said they would have to fix. I told him it was clear the plugin was not fully operational as in the advertisment and that I had also seen many other customers who had had similar issues. He said they were were working hard to fix the problems. I told him I bought this plugin to save time, not to spend 2 days helping them fix and develop their own plugin. I said I could waste time anymore and asked for a refund. Rather than address that, he asked me for one more chance to fix the problems and I said NO, I had had spent far too much time already and your product was unsatifactory and did not meet the advertised performance etc. He again asked me for one more chance and I was then beginning to loose my patience. I asked for a refund and he said he would have to discuss this with his superiors and he would get back to me shortly. He did not. The next day I had to contact them again and asked again for my refund. This time the tone changed from them and he said all of the issues I had with the plugin had been fixed. I explained how they had taken my website down, not contacted me and that this was unexceptable. Again I asked for a refund and then he said I had asked for changes to an Archieve ???+ and that was not possible with my template , nor the plugin , so it did not come under the refund policy. I made no such request as I repeated to him and told him the main reasons, but he continued to repeat this same statement over and over. I have tried in vain to contact Solwin, but so far I have not received any response , aside from confirmation of my email. I have sent a complaint to Envato and hope they can help, but this type of practice of using customers to help develop their plugin in the way that are doing is shameful in my humble opinion.