"Blog Designer" Forces User Login to WordPress blog

I’ve been asked to support a new website that uses Blog Designer, an Envato product from Codecanyon, with which I am not familiar.

The homepage is a static page. When accessing the site’s blog page or any post within it, a popup appears that requires users to register before reading the blog.

We do not want this; we want anyone, registered user or not, to be able to read the blog and its posts without being required to register. If they wish, they can separately subscribe to a newsletter.

How do I remove this restriction?

See http://royaltieswritings.com and then click Writing of the Week (the blog page)

Or go direct to: http://royaltieswritings.com/writing-of-the-week/

Or see one of the posts on the blog page: http://royaltieswritings.com/the-use-of-leverage-with-royalties/

All above URLs return the same popup, requiring email address, username and password. I would like to turn this popup feature off.

Thank you!

You need to contact the author.

Make sure you are using the account which purchased the item or at least have the purchase info so that they can verify the theme

I don’t see an item with that name but if you look above the main image on the item page there is a “support” tab with more info.