Blocked websites page

Hello guys,

I am a network engineer and Iā€™m looking for a designer who can can design a nice and simple image for blocked websites in my company

here is the current image we use:

and this one we use it before :smile: :

both of them are not user friendly! I want a simple and nice one ā€¦ I can insert my company logo and type the text ā€¦ We just want the image ā€¦

Thanks ā€¦ :blush:

I will be most appreciate any help from any one ā€¦ :frowning:

Any help??


I am sorry, I am not really a designer but if no one one the forum can help you out I will suggest to give a look to Envato Studio ( ) there are a lot of other talented people there that are also open for any custom enquiries (most of them). (You can send them a custom enquiry using their profile page)

I hope you will find someone soon :smiley: