Blockbuster Trailer 15 has problems

Hi there. I’ve purchased the stunning Blockbuster Trailer 15 but in my AE CC 2019 it has several problems.

  1. letters are not with the “metal” effect (I DO USE the recommende Element 3D 2.2.2)
  2. there is a string error in scene 3
  3. another string error

I tryed to contact the author, but, after the first answer, I didn’t get any more news from him and I’m the duck. I also sent him some screenshots with the errors.
Can anyone help me?

Schermata 2021-05-28 alle 09.33.05

Hi! Unfortunately only the author know how his project works. Please wait for the author to answer you for your screenshots

I have one AE project with Element 3D made few years ago, and some single buyers had problems. The solution was to relink the footage files in Element 3D. Not sure if it will help you, but try to relink.

(go to Element 3D layer panel, click “Scene Setup”, top menu File->Relink Scene files->Add path->choose downloaded AE project “Assets” folder on your computer! It will relink scene files and fix the problem in one click!)