Block Themes

Hi everyone,

I have a question for fellow Themeforest authors;

Is now a good time to be developing block themes that make use of the new WordPress site building experience? Or do you prefer to stick to your tried and tested methods?

I’ve been playing around with the new site editor since it’s release and wondering if this is the way forward for site creators. Or should we let development progress a fair bit? I know that Gutenberg still gets a lot of bad reviews.

Let me know your thoughts!


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Hi there,

I would say we need to wait 2-3 big versions before creating block themes. Because the block editor is still in beta mode, and there are too many bugs.

I create theme using Gutenberg editor, and it’s good for sure. You can see how everything improved. I remember first versions of the Gutenberg and it was so bad, but time has come.

It’s certainly come a long way over the past few versions, though you’re right about it still being a bit too buggy. Hopefully they’ll iron them out and we’ll have a better site building experience without relying on plugins all the time.

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