Block sale by purchase code

Guys, I’m finalizing some software to CodeCanyon, however, I like to have greater security against piracy. I plan on using the api Envato to check the purchase code, namely the installation of my software I ask my client to enter the purchase code and your email, or your name Envato user, and I would make the comparison to see if this code really amounts to this user. In this case, if someone buy to think I make available for download pirate, would at least be required to also make available their purchase data, which would not be a good idea. But from what I saw, the API Envato even has a way to fetch data from a purchase by the api, but only managed to get information of the items I bought. How would I do to get this information from my item that another user bought? Any other ideas? I can even make my using a system for validation, in a WS on my server, but I wanted to tow the user purchase data on Envato. Thank you very much in advance.

I’ve built probably every type of monitoring and license restriction available with the Envato API and WordPress themes/plugins and standalone PHP scripts. Now I’m slowly taking them all away.

It’s honestly not worth the time. They cause errors, rely on your server and the API having 100% uptime, and slow down the buyers experience.

Sure they might stop a handful of pirates, but having a constantly updated and improved item is much much better.

Time is better spent working on item updates, marketing and of course new items.

( but if you really want to do it, don’t use a purchase code, use the API oauth login flow and get access to the users raw purchase data - the only way they can do that is if they have the correct Envato username/password, so you don’t have to worry about cross checking names/email addresses/purchase codes/etc… )


It will slow down site and bad user experience. Null sites will share email, purchase code, api key also. So it’s meaningless

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actually, just looked into that.

None of the 10+ null sites I’ve found share purchase codes. So this solution actually works.