Blatant Copyright Infringement in Malaysia

Hey Everyone,

Not sure who composed this track but this company is blatantly using it without a license. Can you believe they actually showed this in the cinema here in Malaysia too … WITH the audio watermark!!


Simon (AKA Biospherix)

Using a watermark preview does necessarily means that the track is unlicensed. It is not unusual for some editor to work with the preview before validation from the client and then forget to swap for the non-watermarked version. It’s worth finding out which case it is before insulting a potentially legitimate buyer.

Best course of action in such cases is to report to Envato support and to the author when they are known. They will investigate and take necessary actions when needed/possible.


Thanks, I’ll give them a shout… but forgetting to change the track before it went into the cinema? Wow… Agency fail big time if that truly was the case :smiley: hahaha…

I agree, its extremely unprofessional to forgetting to exchange the watermarked audio with the licensed track. For a private Youtube video I can understand it, but for something thats going to cinema? The whole clip is practically ending like a Audiojungle commercial :joy:

Alamak. No enough budget?