Blank spots in my Portfolio


Is anyone else having a problem with viewing their portfolio.
I have a lot of blank spots on every page of my portfolio and
there is nothing in my hidden items. I think it is something else.
Some Items I can see and some I can’t see. Is there any explanation
for this?
Thanks in advance for your response.


On your Envato portfolio? I’ve browsed a few this evening and haven’t noticed any issues.

Same with my own, looks fine.

Perhaps try clearing your cache?


I’m having the same problem with my portfolio. I actually came here to the forums only to find out what the problem is…

Here’s a screenshot of blank spaces.



I realized it is just something wrong with something probably in the
coding, because all the items are there with just spaces in between,
but all the items are shown, nothing missing.


Problem is solved now, is yours?


Yes, it’s looking normal again now.