Blacklist for spammers

Hello wonderful authors! I’m glad that I somehow lifted your spirits))) You all do very cool things !!! I apologize if someone did not like that I write to you! But I do not have one bad commentary !! I wrote tracks checking 11 days !!! I’m interested to see other works, Many cool cool works, I’m just amazed how they write music))) some music fascinates me, the other penetrates my soul. I write these emotions is true)))) I want so much to learn from you all)) when I look at the material I just want to write my emotions) once again I apologize for my dishonorable and positively emotional komenti)) you are all very cool guys))) )

YES, G_S is spammer. I got many comments from him. I guess now he is banned.

No this author is definitely not banned - they actually have 4 tracks (out of 5 total) trending, 2 of which have zero sales! Spamming pays off, it seems.

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Just remove the ridiculous and completely irrelevant criteria for trending and the problem is solved. There will always be some character that will abuse and game the system.

Spending money should be the only thing that could influence trending and visibility. Of course that could also be abused, but not to the same extent.

It’s strange that “genuine” comments pop up every 10-20 seconds when it takes 2-3 minutes to listen to a song. :grin:

GS is not banned, but envato support has blocked his ability to comment items

How is that possible “trending” files without even single sale (2 tracks)?!

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This is awkward

if the Envato uses the formula for calculation, then the influence factor of such parameters as pageviews and comments should be lowered

Yes, someone didn’t quite think through the trending system. Or they had too much faith in humanity.

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I’ve seen this before (and wrote in a similar post), an item can be trending with a tremendous number of views and comments and no sales…it has to be a bug since sales should be the main factor that adds value to the item and not comments and views only (not sure if envato staff know this). Some figured this out and created a group somewhere (eg.fb) and hello, there is a trending item with 0 sales that starts the race with a few steps in front of your newest item…

Therefore this current system allowing such spammers as GS to achieve their results. It is sad.

I wonder what results he will achieve with the trend icon? :slight_smile: Do you really think that buyers read all the comments to the track? And the trend icon affects the better for sales? In my opinion, if the buyer needs this particular track, then he will buy it without any badges and comments. Comments and icons are an additional incentive, but it does not affect sales in any way.

Well, the trending algorithm is old, some years ago it worked nice, but now, no.
Envato Staff has been working in a lot of things, and maybe this will be the next one to update.
Let them work.

Ah - everything makes sense to me now…I had a visit from GS 3 times yesterday regarding some of my Halloween tracks and left comments.

I think so. Trending files take higher positions in search system, right?

So what? :slight_smile: If the track is bad or unsuitable for commercial needs, even though it hangs at least for months at the top it will not be bought anyway :slight_smile:

Sometimes buyers don’t know what good or bad. When they see something trending that’s means people like it and they buy it.

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That’s cool, GS, but bear in mind that lots lots of comments comes across as spam, no matter if your intentions were good. As I said, put your time into new music and you will see improvement :+1:

Not quite. Items that are SEEN, are more likely to be bought. It only has to be good enough. Sometimes not even that. There’s a lot of psychology in buyer behavior. After all, that is what branding is all about.

For example: you choose shoes for yourself in the market, but it does not suit you, because on a smaller size, and shakes your leg, and sellers on the market say buy a good look, great shoes, you buy it? :joy: There is a similar case.