Blacklist for spammers


Hello there. The problem is that one of the users is constantly spamming in the comments with incorrect text. Within 2 days I have received about 10 comments from him. It’s very annoying. Is there some kind of blacklist so I can block him?


Hi! It seems to me that if his comments were really spam/abuse, he would have been “banned” without your participation. I’m not sure that the Envato rules limit the number of comments (unless of course it’s an automatic “commentator-bot”))) It’s good or bad, but there are a lot of authors on the Envato market, for whom English is not their native language, so can you be more tolerant of such things?:v:
P.S. I hope that this topic is not about me)


There are many authors who leave comments. I’m not against if someone leaves a few comments. If they think that it can be helpful for them, so no problems. but in this case it’s really some kind of spam. I do not want that someone will be permanently banned. Maybe this guy really liked my tracks. But in that case, he could write me a feedback to my mail and ask some questions about the production for jungle, I would gladly prompted. And so, in my opinion, this is disrespect from the one who abuses the comments.


Yesterday morning I had 21 similar comments from the same person! Very annoying - why not put the effort into writing music rather than into commenting!?


Did this person have the initials GS?


13 comments yesterday from GS. Seems he liked your music better than mine. :wink:


Yes. He have the initials GS. Look likes this is the same person.


Alright I’m actually kind of pleased now :joy:


Ah, and I thought this guy really loves my tracks…


I do not see anything wrong with the fact that if a person liked a lot of your tracks and became your big fan :slight_smile:


CleanMagicAudio, Look at the comments above. Gs is a spammer


He’s got 78 comments in 17 hours on his latest track and its trending, so if that was the goal he has succeded.


+1 with a ton of comments :confused:


I only got one comment from “gs” yesterday. I guess i really suck. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My personal favourite type of spammer, though, has to be the ones that spam their own items with comments. I’ve seen 10 such comments on one item! And yes, of course it was trending…


Yes, this “social guy” is getting pretty annoying.

What’s even more annoying is that comments and views affect “trending”. Come on now, authors cheating and spamming comments (“likes”) is something AudioJungle could live without.

Remove comment/view influence and the problem is solved. And whatever you do, don’t comment back!

Trending should be based on sales over time. Nothing else. Trending items with 1 sale just looks bad. Anything based on “likes”, “comments”, “views” etc. will always be abused. Just get rid of it.

Chasing likes belongs on Facebook, not here.


I’ve had 14 comments from this guy recently. And a 15th as I write this comment… I already messaged him to stop but he’s obviously ignored that. How do I report this guy?

Edit: Currently tally is 18


Yes, he’s obviously awake again.


I think we should write to envato support and attach a screenshot of a dashboard to the message.


Only got 3 comments, should I feel happy or sad? Maybe my tracks were not his favourite :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s correct. Doing that will stop the spam ( the user gets spammed for breaching community rules )