Black Monday Bundle cant be purchased

I can’t buy a bundle Evento is offering for Monday Deal… The ERROR says contact customer support or try later. I’ve tried later…and there is no number or link to contact for support. :frowning: Can you buy it or not? This may not be the forum but perhaps someone solved this.



If the offer was not ENDED, than you sould be able to buy it for sure.
@KingDog , any ideas about the reason?

How are you trying to buy it? Does seem like there’s an issue with Paypal today, could be that?

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Envato Support can be reached here:

Same problem as OP. Failed msg displays: "Unable to complete your transaction. Please try again later or contact support."
Trying to pay via credit card.

It looks like PayPal is having issues at the moment. Perhaps too much holiday shopping going on? :stuck_out_tongue: It may be best to try again in a bit and see if they’ve fixed their problems. Thanks!

I was able to purchase via PayPal, but not using a credit card. Hope that helps - inconvenient yes but I did get to purchase.

I can confirm that trying to pay via credit card is giving the error message. No problem through paypal however.

I can confirm this also. Unable to purchase for 2 days now. Always get an error message via credit card purchased.