Bjorn Theme and Wordpress editing tool: Images and Gallerys margin, border and padding

Hi, Im trying to edit the margin, border and padding of images and galleries in my Bjorn Theme but I havent found and easy way so that I can work it when I insert them in my post and pages. Im using the wordpress editor and adding the images and galleries from that same tool.

Galleries: will like that the border between the images (columns) could we very small (2 px top) and also that the space of the rows (when the gallerie is big) could be as small. Example: The 6 photos, 3 columns, 2 lines is what i will like in the galleries. The

Images: The top margin and the bottom it is always to big for what i what. I will like to have something like a gallery (1 row) and then a full image and then another gallery, everything with the same space between the rows. Example: 1 full picture and space between a gallery.jpg this space i can´t edit

Also i will like that the border, padding or margin of the whole gallery it is the same of a image.

I send some pictures

Hope that I can get help with this.


Contact with your item author hope they will help you out from your issue.