Bizone header behaves weirdly (Bizone, Wordpress, ThemesIndustry)

Hi there,

I am customizing the Bizone onepage parralax theme for WP.

The header is somehow weird, showing up Logo and links to social media at first, which looks quiet cool:

But when you scroll down, you get both of these 2 items wraped into a white background rectangle.

Ugly, isn’t it? And I can’t figure out where I should customize this.

This themes lays upont following plugins : contact-form-7, js_composer, cmsblue-toolkit, option-tree, revslider

Any idea please ?

You should ask the author of the theme but as you have no buyer badge on this account you will need to login using the purchase account so the author can verify the theme license.

Oh, thanks. By the way I thougt I had logged with my only account here… I’m gonna check this.

Ok, looks like I have indeed 2 different profiles, how do I connect the right one here, please @charlie4282?
When I sign out and in again, the forum takes over the same login without asking again…

It looks like a CSS thing - it happens in the main demo too so you probably just need to adjust the CSS or background colour options in the theme options. is their support link but it looks like the sign in is based on envato purchases so check the account.

If you visit the link in my last post -you can just submit the logins for TF there

Ok thanks a lot, I’ll try this!

And yes, it does happen also in the main demo. The difference here is that I do not see the navigation in this header bar, at all…
Support ticket submitted.

ohooo, basic settings do not add anything into the menu, so it displays nothing :smiley:
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Thks for helping.