Bizmax WordPress Theme download doesn't include the actual theme.

I just downloaded this theme through Envato Elements and it only includes a “Licensing” folder and a preview JPG.


This may me problem in uploaded package, you can contact to author and open ticket to envato and show them screenshots. they will help


On ThemeForest and on Elements should be always the same (latest version) of the Item/theme. But, when the update is live on envato market (ThemeForest, Codecanyon, …) the latest files are not automatically added on Elements until author don’t click manually to get the last version also on Elements (to synchronize files). the author must “manually” update the Item/theme on Elements (to synchronies item on Elements with the item from envato market).

So, may be the the author has forgot to “update” (to synchronize files - one click).

In this case you can go to envato market and contact the theme author and let them know. So that author can synchronize files and fix the issue.