Bite/Teethmark Brush Photoshop


I’m looking for a Photoshop brush to make a bite/teethmark realistic effect on a flat 2D image.
Something like that but more realistic(No offense to the creator).

It will be used as part of an ad.


hi if u plan to use it on vector or icons, i am not sure that u can really get “more realistic” an effect … what is the purpose of what u ask for , how do u plan to use pls?

Well it will be used in an interactive ad created using Google Web Designer.
Right now i just have a black and white apple.
So it will be animated onhover and onclick but always flat 2d image.
“I need to have the bites” in order to decide how the final product will look like.

Thank you for responding

EDIT: I’m open to alternative suggestions/technics/custom work