Browser Warning


today I got a warning when I want to open my shortened links.

Browser Warning:
“STOP - there might be a problem with the requested link”

I re-shortened the existing link - but that does not help - same warning
I fear that potential buyers will for sure not click “Or, continue at your own risk to”

The warning is happening in all browsers with any link I allready created.

I sent a mail to support - let´s see

Got the same issue. I’ll send support an email as well. Keep us posted if you get a response!

I’ve just sent them an email. Really great for getting referrals! :astonished:

Same problem, but only with Audiojungle links, not with my links in other markets.

My guess is that audiojungle got flagged for whatever reason. Still haven’t heard back from support.

Problem seems to be fixed. links work normal.

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Yep, all my links work fine now.

Hi, I am facing the same issue can anyone give solution

Thanks & regards

Hey I’m also facing the same issue. Can you help me to get out of that!

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