Birthday promotion

I have a suggestion for Envato marketplaces:

Because lot of people are struggling with sales and one of the best ways to gain sales is having a featured item on the front page, it would be great to have similar opportunity with 100% chance once a year. My suggestion is this. Add a birthday featured item row just under the featured tracks. It would show all the featured items of those accounts that have birthday that day. If there are more then fits the row, it would just scale with sliders like in mobile view. The ordering would also be random, so for each hit, it would reorder the items. It would be really nice way to celebrate your birthday on Envato by gaining that extra boost in sales for that day. It would be easy to implement and wouldn’t take too much space from the front page.


I like your idea, but I don’t know where you add your birthday.I don’t remember to be asked about my birthday.Sorry if I am mistaken.

That is a great idea! My birthday is tomorrow the 22th :smiley:

Say this to people who have birthday at the end of February who does not have birthday every year.

Also you don’t think that 10000 authors may have birthday in the SAME DAY. What about this?

Might be that birthday is not yet given, but shouldn’t be a big trouble to allow one to set it under account information.

Also I do not think there are so many active seller accounts that too many would share the birthday. This would only affect the accounts that do have items on sale and have set up featured item. For example AJ seems to have only bit over 11000 seller accounts total. And like I said, the birthday items would be ordered on each hit randomly, so if there would be 10000 accounts sharing the same birthday, you could limit the actual amount of items shown to for example 40 and just pick the 40 random on each hit.

That February last day could be circumvented by making it a special case - it would trigger on last day of February.

So from this point, everyone’s birthday is on the day of Envato birthday. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol, and of course the birthday fields would be editable, so basically every day is everybody’s birthday as well. Or as multiple accounts are allowed, everybody would have 365 different accounts.