Birthday Offer: Introducing our Rising Stars



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We haven’t forgotten about the buyers today, and we’ve got an extravaganza lined up for you!

Over 11 days, we’re bringing you up to 50% off items from some of our top new authors in their fields of expertise.

If you aren’t already signed up to the email, head on over to our signup page to get in on the fun.

How did we discover our Rising Stars?

They’re authors (sellers) who have started selling on Envato Market in the last 12 months, and have gained huge popularity.

We think that they’ve got big futures ahead of them.

We’ve covered a variety of segments across our marketplaces, so you can see the full span of talent that we have on board.

Here’s the full list of our 34 Rising Stars you can look forward to and acknowledge their achievements with us.

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Congratulations to them!

I secretly wished i would be in the list but no worries :grinning:


Nice to see buyers get a birthday gift as well.


congratulations!! thanks to all buyers!! :smile:


Thank you for selecting me. Thank you Envato and all the buyers. :smiley:




Congratulates to all Stars :dizzy:


Cheers… :smiley:


Happy Birthday Envato!!
Thank you for selecting me :smile:


Happy Birthday Envato :birthday:
Thank you for selecting me and many thanks to all the buyers. :grinning:


Should not we rising star authors be getting a featured badge or something for this… :smiley:
Just thinking loud… :wink:


Great, congratulations to all 34 members


Very talented people on that list! Congrats to all of them :slight_smile:


How to become a Rising Star ?


Congrats!!! : -)


Hey Reborn,

The rising stars were chosen based on exactly what you would suspect from the name:

They’re authors (sellers) who have started selling on Envato Market in the last 12 months, and have gained huge popularity.

The promotion is currently underway, so you can read the emails each day to get details about how they excel in their respective categories if you like!


Happy Birthday Envato! I’m happy to be one of this 34 guys!
Thank you!


I dont Understand ? Because my first work was started this April 2015 ! And I didt start before this date. I used my profile more than 2 years like a buyer of products, But as Autor about 4 month! What do you think ?


Hey Reborn,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the campaign has already started, as stated above.

We used a very specific set of criteria for each of our categories to find our Rising Stars, and the rising star authors that you see satisfied all of the criteria.

We’ll be holding other promotions, so thanks for your interest - you’ll have a chance to be included in other promos!


Becberry - you have no criterias - Yoy just create corruption. Because created one more hand pict gallery - is a primitive. Its not real chart - its fake ! If you cant tell a real criterias of Rising Stars and REAL Rising Stars cant take a part on competition without real reason. But The reson is that my works is much higher level than 95% of Videohive autors. And much higher level that any your fake Rising Star. You’re just afraid of me as professional. This is your real reason.