Birthday Invitation Rejected

Hello, I recently submitted a kids birthday invitation which was rejected.
What do you think could be wrong with this one. I was thinking maybe the colors. The yellow ribbon and blue background


Sorry but it looks like a free invitation you can get from many websites such as free pic, I guess.

It needs to be more attractive and unique. It reminded me of the free invitations from the web.

Good luck with it.

this is not bad but a bit too simple and plain, apart from the central composition / drawing, this is very flat indeed, people buying here may look for something that enables them to save some time indeed. in addition i tend to believe that header and footer are a bit too flat and that nothing is sprint it out, which basically means that your hierarchy of information is far from obvious … some text items need to be valued , at this stage u have only the name in the banner that is a bit valued … i would personally think that adding the white edge to the banner would be a good idea, too …

if so why is envato promoting this type of item? and why do they create a diy service (“place it”) with items that are not even this quality?