Bindlex: Bindlex Premium Web Visitors (Does not work) - Envato and Seller not respod

Hi all,

i bought 4 days ago the Product Bindlex “Premium Web Visitors”, i can not reach the Support they are not responding. The Software does not start due an Licenseserver connection Error. Envato is also not responding for a refund. Bindlex Support Site is in Maintaince, Bindlex Premium Web Visitors. I send Bindlex over all Channels they i have found for Help. Did not get any response. So i paid more then 430$ for the Software with 6 Month Maintaince and can nor use it. Envato does no refund or respond, Seller does not respond to Mails or to refund request. I feel like i get frauded.

Hi @Opano,

Refund request should send to the author not envato.

Hope You requested refund request here:

Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules.

Have you contacted the author through the item’s comments page?

How to contact an author to get support for any Item issue or for any technical query:


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Yes I have, he is not responding. I want the Software, not a refund, but when they don’t give me Support for a Software that is not working. I see no other Chance. Furthermore, I connected them over 2 Misaddresses of them, contacted over Facebook, no response, I used their Ticket System get no respond.

What I should do now?

Also the Author has disabled the comment function.

That’s ok that the Author must do the refund, but they should provide me a Solution not a refund if there is any possibility

you can try to contact them through the item’s comments page. if no response then you can ask for refund.

It is closed! There is written they use own Ticket System
Where no presponse is.

Comments is not closed. I can see author is replying there for another customers.

Please try to comments in the above link. if no luck then you should ask for refund.

I want to repeate a third time

Bindlex supports this item


This author will respond to buyers’ questions and provide limited support through their own support system.

So the Comment Function is not more useable.

I asked also for refund, no reaction no reponse.

if the author does not respond to the refund request within 7 days, you will be given an option to raise a dispute with Envato. This option should appear automatically as a link or button on the refund request details page after 7 days from the refund requested date.


@mgscoder has a point - regardless of the right/wrong of how the author is supposed to support the item, the item comments are active and the author is replying including to comments relating to a similar issue to what you are facing.

They also share a separate gmail address through which to contact them

This not works. Item is not in the List. I bought from code canyon

So Sign In | Envato Account not working

And also my product is not in the List to select for refund.

Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Also no reply… I feel really like frauded…

Envato support team will reply as quickly they can. It can be around 3 business days because of the volume of the open tickets. please keep patience.


Envato is one of the most trusted websites you can go on and purchase themes and/or scripts without any worry. Providing you have genuinely purchased an item, and then had an issue, then Envato will sort this out for you. Forgive me but it sounds to me like you have registered on the forum to complain, but then you do not seem to be responding to the help you have been provided with by respected authors apart from saying you have been defrauded. Be patient as @mgscoder has advised you.

Pay attention i wrote i !!!feel like!!! How you would feel if you buy a Software and dont reach over 5 Days any Support?

So there he can not advise me! I dont wrote i get fraud or something i wrote i feel like.