Billling issue

Dear Team,

I have subscribed for the individual package in evanto elements, the deduction happened from my account was much more than 16 USD which is mentioned in the plan, Please I need to be clear on the reason.

The $16 rate is the equivalent monthly rate if you subscribe for a year

Single monthly rate is around $35 (approx)

If you’ve been billed close to $200 then this will be because you went on to an annual plan and not the monthly one

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Thanks Charlie,

I need to change to the monthly plan as I do not need it for a year and I could not see the option even, what is the way to revert this back.

Yes I have been billed around 200 USD, the website did not event showed me the total amount to be paid, and just deducted it from the card.

You need to a) don’t download anything/anymore and b) talk to elements support Envato Elements Help and Support

For what it’s worth it’s not possible to complete the subscription without seeing the total costs and annual .v. monthly choice