Billing, Earning Statement

Hello guyz

I am new author to graphic rivers and some of my designs are sold.

I am surprised, to be honest my eyes are wide open how these graphic river people are making deductions and fees.

e.g i set a price of $17 on first sale they charge me $4.48 US Backup Withholding Tax and then $6.00 is some author fee and at the end i got $6.52.
Is it like this ?? This is like unfair :unamused:

Details about US Backup Withholding Tax are available here:

You will need to submit your tax details to Envato in order to get the correct tax rating applied to your sales.

hi, i guess u did not fulfill a w8 form, if u do, it will reduce the fees deducted from you … and u should normally get more money , especially out of a 17$ worth sale … just a reminder if u do not do, u are considered as an american author and then pay 30 % of gains, plus envato fees … so a lot of money goes out for sure …

@dtbaker @n2n44,

Thank you for your kindly reply.

No I didn’t fulfill w8 or any other form. I am based in Canada Do i still have to do that. ?

Envato charged me $6 on an item that is posted as $17, my question is envato guyz charge me $6 on every sale of this particular item or this is just for the first time.
My 3 items got sold $5,$16,$17 and what i get is $13 (Not even half)

Anyone who isn’t a US taxpayer should fill in a W8.

Fill the envato w8 form, and thay will charge you -30% of the price from american clients only, this is totaly unfair. In my case for the item price of 17$ they charge me 30%, or 4.80$+ fees of envato…and my earned money is about 5$ . Very very bad

@Lamarena this exact same thing happen to me mate.
I put a price of $17 and what i get is $5.

Now i am trying to fill that w8 form as advised by other members and then see what these envato guyz do with us.

Hi mate, if you dont fill the w8 form they will calculate -30% of all clients worldwide. But if you fill the w8 form, thay will calculate -30% of usa clients only, and all we know that 70%-80% of clients are from usa. No worth to me, -30% is too much