Big queue of checking music tracks!

Hi there! Happy Holidays to everyone! Question to Envato Staff !

When will the check queue for music tracks decrease? As it was before from 5 hours - up to 14 days (last few years)! But the last month is 19-20 days (now).

This not normal!

Will there be changes in the direction of reducing the check queue time for the music tracks?

Thanks in advance for your reply!


Looking forward to hearing from Envato staff! :blush:

need to faster, faster

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It used to be 14 days, but now Envato has changed the verification process and made it better for everyone, 20 days! Such innovations are good news! :grin:


18 days for track. It seems to me that the wait is starting to decrease! :nerd_face:


I read a post a while ago that said that there was a large influx of new authors and new submissions, causing the queue time to (understandably) increase. Because of this increase they needed to change the review process to compensate. Otherwise we would be probably be looking at like 30 days or more right now.

My best guess is that the queue time will decrease slowly over time (it appears it has already started to decrease).

I think it’s important to keep in mind that there was always going to be a delay between when Envato implemented the new rules, and its effect on the queue length. Kind of like when you’re backed up at a traffic light… even if the light turns green way up ahead, you might not actually start moving until several seconds later.


Now yellow is on, we are all waiting for a miracle. :grin: After red, yellow turns on, after yellow, green turns on, but I wouldn’t be surprised if red turns on again! :joy: :vertical_traffic_light:

Traffic light one that broke??? :joy:

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With new Envato rules (limits of upload) review’s time will decrease. But it need a time

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No miracle is needed. Envato has explained (in quite a bit of detail) what is going on and why the queue is so long. It will decrease it just takes time. But it’s already down to 18 days from 20+.

Instead of the traffic light analogy maybe a better one is the Starbucks line at the airport. Always the line becomes really long when a lot of people arrive at the airport for their flight. So to compensate, Envato basically said “you’re not allowed to order 30 coffees at once” in order to try to keep the line from continuing to grow. However this change would not instantly affect the length of the line, and it would take some time, even after enacting this change, to reduce it back to the level it was before.

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Clear explanation. :joy:

Well, just if you haven’t read my main message. :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

The growth of new authors has always been on Envato! I don’t think that’s the reason!

Thank you! :wink:

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I read your main message. You complained about the long queue time and then asked “will there be changes in the direction of reducing the check time for the music tracks”

All I’m doing is giving you what I think is the answer to your question. Yes, the time will be reduced, but no, it won’t happen immediately.

It seems like you are rejecting that explanation entirely, in which case I would question whether you are actually seeking an answer, or if you’re just using this to vent about your frustration (which I happen to share, by the way).

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Yes! :wink:

I’m disappointed with Envato’s innovations as the check queue for music tracks has increased!

Thanks again and good luck! :wink:


I would like to hear the answer. :blush: :wink: