one of my tracks lost from "Currently processing uploads"
Named “Massive Attack”
Could you check it? how did it happen?
I could accidentally delete it in theory. But check it, please
If I accidentally deleted it, can I somehow cancel this action or should I download it again?
If it did not, then how was it done and what to do?
Thank you so much.

Two things;

  • If the track is not in the portfolio, it was rejected.
  • If you deleted accidentally, you can upload it again.

It’s not reject. I aploaded it yesterday.
But how check did i do it or not? I did’t want deleted it. But could do it by accident

Then upload it again.

Thank you very much)

You only lost one day. :wink:


I doubt your title will pass review. You may want to find another title.

if it does, then there will be a soft reject.

He says that for this;

Ps; Very good LP by the way

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yes. very good.

but there are a lot of the same titles in the world. And in AJ - ONLY the same titles))))


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Lol, fair enough!

Hahah, not that I’m proud of, but guilty as charged! :sweat:

@Manriquedelara, superb record!


Back in my early AJ days, before I understood anything about that wellspring of creativity Envato calls the search engine, I tried calling a track “Smells Like Nirvana Unplugged.” The reviewer renamed it something like “Smells Like Indie Rock”. Little did I know at the time, I should have called it Indie Rock Is Indie Rock.


What can you do, search engine is the search engine… hehehe. Eager to hear that “Smells Like Nirvana Unplugged”!!! Is it still online? :slight_smile:

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@Manriquedelara this is one of the greatest LP in the whole universe :slight_smile: