Big Orange Badge within 9 months

Hi Everyone,

actually I feel very uncomfortable with praising myself about what I have achieved. But since Envato says it is a tradition to rooftop your Elite Status, I’ll make an exeption :slight_smile:

We did it! Elite!

However, I must say I feel kind of ashamed. It feels much too early. All the success came very surprisingly with my Photo Animator. Please don’t get me wrong; I feel very grateful to be honored with this badge. Thank you very much Envato! But it is still happening so quickly that I feel I can’t appreciate these moments enough. The time flies, it feels like yesterday that I launched my first item.

I remember about a year ago, that a friend (Chris) and I found out about Envato and saw people being Elite and only had a 1-year anniversary badge. Now I’m standing here looking at the clock: 8 months and 22 days since I signed up at Envato.

Besides Envato I want to thank everyone who is using our items and everyone who made one of the sweet comments. We all know, getting here made me alot of money in a short time. But I want to stress that I truly enjoy most knowing that people from all around the world use my “little” tool, which I have originally built for myself. Many times I’m skipping through my comments and mails. It really makes me happy to see people actually use my Photo Animator. So I want to use this post to thank everyone of you. Thank you!

I want to stress that the spotlight partly belongs to Chris as well. We have worked on the other files together and he is the brain behind “3D Portrait”. Thank you Chris for your talent and friendship!

I also would like to share a little secret with you. For everyone who doesn’t know what my Photo Animator is, or how it works: It is an After Effects template that helps you create a short video-clip with the impression of camera movement within the picture. I achieved this with writing over 100 expressions (small code) for all kinds of different layers and compositions and their properties. My secret: The first expression I ever wrote was for the Photo Animator. I only had this idea of making a template which helps me animating photos. I thought maybe that is what I could use expressions for. So I read a couple of days on how expressions work, whatched some great tutorials and started working on it. Since it turned out to work great for me I thought of submitting it. I’m so glad I did because it got such a great response and even got featured and keeps selling great.

Before I made the Photo Animator Chris and I made two photo galleries. We thought that many people are selling these so this must work… Well, till today we only sold 28 copies combined and worked weeks on making them. I want to encurage everyone who was like us a year ago thinking about selling things on Envato and don’t really know how to start:

Think of something crazy that you have not seen before and find a way to make it! I am sure you will find a way! I can also guarantee that you are going to have 100 times more fun working on something new, original and especially your own than copying what has been done before. If you copy you have to aim for perfection. If you work on something new there is no “perfect” way of doing something. You are the creator and thus you decide what is the best way of achieving what you have in mind.

At least this is what I think is the most fun and also promising way to start selling on Envato.

Thank you for reading all this long text. You are as crazy as I am! :laughing:

Have a great day everyone!

Best Regards


That’s crazy! You must have set a new record getting to elite status so quickly. Congratulations, and what a great post!

You should feel good about this milestone. Your items are fantastic, and I’m sure this is just the beginning.

Next up: power elite! :sunglasses:

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Love this Anton, thanks for sharing!! :slightly_smiling:


That’s insane!Congratulations for your achievement. Get the elite status in less than a year is really not normal things to see here, amazing :smile:

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Congrats man, your photo animator is awesome and you deserve all the fame and glory that comes with it.

Ahhh to be in your shoes, i can just smell the roses that people throw as i walk the streets. Haha seriously though congrats and good luck further!!

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Thank you all so much for your kind replies and compliments. :slight_smile:
This is a great community and you all make me feel home, thank you!

I’m very excited and can’t wait to find ways to realize my new crazy ideas :laughing:

Creating is the most fun in the world and I want to thank Envato for giving us this great playground to publish our work.

Best Regrds

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This is quite an exciting achievement Anton! A big congrats to you, Chris and anyone else on your team! Your humility will only help you grow more. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! Pozdravliaju Anton, tak derzhat’! )

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Thank you very much, Avery & Will and RGBA Design Team!

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Welcome to the club. You get it! :wink:

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